Sunday, March 19, 2006

Movie Review:V for Vendetta

I just got back from watching V for Vendetta, one of the most liberal movies I have ever seen.

Set in England after World War 3, the movie is about a fascist English government.

America's wars in the Middle East caused Syria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and other nations to go to war with the West. The West won the war, but at a large cost. In England, the depleted country turned to who the movie said was a "religiously conservative Christian" named Adam Sutler. Sutler was the leader of the conservative party.

As you can tell, Sutler's character resembles Hitler.

In order to secure power, Sutler's conservative party kills thousands by poison, and blames the killings on Muslims. They then win the election in a landslide by promising to take the killers to justice.

Once in power, Sutler's party anoints him High Chancellor. He immediately puts all homosexuals, inter-racial couples, and Muslims in concentration camps and kills them.

The movie, based on a comic written to make Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher look bad, ends up making all conservatives look like Hitler. Homosexuality is condoned in the movie, while those who disprove are made to look like Nazi's.

As much as I didn't like the liberalness of the movie, the plot was fantastic.


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